Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011
Die Rede von Lola Voronina beim Bundesparteitag
Als Mitglied der PPI und der Piratenpartei Russlands hielt Lola Voronina eine Rede am 4.12.2011 beim Bundesparteitag der Piratenpartei in Offenbach/Main.

Hier ein von mir erstelltes Transskript der Rede, darunter eine deutsche Übersetzung.


Friends! Citizens! Pirates!
As you gather here, you are not a German party. You are the flagship of the international community of freedom fighters.
The enemies of liberty, free ideas and culture and the net must know that the price of that policy is being kicked out of the office. Being fired for incompetence toward the office and the public. No people in the world have shown that better than you who are sitting here today. And I think is it [sic!] something you should be proud of.
But (???) the net is not only liberating of ideas. At the same time it is the greatest equalizer that humankind had ever invented.
The ability to tell your own story means that nobody is able to hijack your interests and claim to speak in your name ever again. What this means is that a 9 year old girl in Paraguay with her first laptop is equal to all of us sitting here in the rich part in the world. I think that is fantastic and something worth defending.
So, ironically, we are better at liberty than those who would previously call themselves liberals. And we are better at equality than those who would previously call themselves socialists. These are not opposites. They come together with everybody able to speak for themselves. This is why the net changes the world more than the printing press did.
But there are those who would prevent this liberty, participation and equality. Those who see that it removes their privileges. Privileges of interpretation, of telling lies and of deceiving the world for profit. The battle has only just begun - and they have won many victories. It is us - and only us - who have discovered their critical weakness: Their very political power. We are one of the last lines of defense of all we believe in.
The world is watching, but the world is not watching to see when we trip over for the opportunity to laugh at us. No, not anymore. They are watching us in respect. They are watching us so they can copy us.
I have a hard time thinking of a finer and more honest way to show us respect. Fair wins, my friends. The decisions you have made yesterday and will make today are wise. I'm proud to call myself a pirate.
Enjoy the rest of the assembly!

Deutsche Übersetzung:

Freunde! Bürger! Piraten!

So wie ihr hier versammelt seid, seid ihr keine deutsche Partei. Ihr seid das
Flaggschiff der internationalen Gemeinschaft der Kämpfer für die Freiheit. Die
Feinde von Freiheit, freien Ideen, freier Kultur und freiem Netz müssen wissen,
das der Preis für ihre Politik der ist, dass sie rausgeschmissen werden.
Gefeuert wegen Inkompetenz in ihrem Amt und gegenüber der Öffentlichkeit.
Niemand sonst in der Welt hat das besser gezeigt als ihr, die ihr hier sitzt.
Ich denke, darauf könnt ihr stolz sein. Aber das Netz dient nicht nur dazu Ideen
zu befreien. Zur gleichen Zeit ist es der größte Gleichmacher, den die
Menschehit je erfunden hat.

Die Möglichkeit, die eigene Version der Geschichte zu erzählen, bedeutet, dass
niemand mehr deine Interessen kapern und in deinem Namen die Stimme erheben
kann. Es bedeutet, dass eine Neunjährige aus Paraguay mit ihrem ersten Laptop
genau so gut ist wie alle von uns, die hier im reichen Teil der Welt sitzen. Ich
denke, das ist fantastisch und wir müssen es verteidigen. Ironischerweise sind
wir also besser in Sachen Freiheit als die, die sich früher Liberale nannten.
Und wir sind besser in Sachen Gleichheit als die, die sich früher Sozialisten
nannten. Das sind keine Gegensätze. Das kommt automatisch mit jedem, der für
sich selber sprechen kann. Aus genau diesem Grund verändert das Netz die Welt
mehr als das gedruckte Wort.

Aber da sind noch die, die diese Freiheit, Partizipation und Gleichheit gerne
verhinderten. Diejenigen, die erkennen, dass es sie ihrer Privilegien beraubt.
Privilegien der Interpretation, des Lügens und der Täuschung, nur damit der
Profit stimmt. Der Kampf hat erst begonnen - und die Gegner haben bereits einige
Siege errungen. Es sind aber wir - und nur wir - die ihre Schwachstelle entdeckt
haben: Ihre politische Macht an sich. Wir gehören zu einer der letzten
Verteidigungslinien für alles, an das wir glauben.

Die Welt schaut hin. Aber die Welt schaut nicht hin, um uns fallen zu sehen und
anschließend auszulachen. Nein, nicht mehr. Sie beobachten uns respektvoll. Sie
beobachten uns, um uns zu kopieren. Ich kann mir kaum eine bessere und
ehrlichere Art vorstellen, jemandem Respekt zu bezeugen. Ihr habt gestern gute
Entscheidungen gefällt und werdet das auch heute tun. Ich bin stolz, mich einen
Piraten zu nennen!

Ich habe gerade gesehen, dass es noch eine deutsche Übersetzung gibt unter http://11k2.wordpress.com/2011/12/04/wie-die-deutschen-piraten-im-ausland-wahrgenommen-werden. Dort findet sich auch ein Bild der Rednerin.

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Resolutions of the German Pirate Party taken at #BPT112
On December 3rd and 4th, 2011, a federal convention of the German Pirate Party took place in Offenbach. The gathering was scheduled as an opportunity to broaden its electoral manifesto.

The most important decisions taken at the party convention were as follows:

A major part of the decisions made pertained to social politics. After a controversial debate, just over two thirds of the attendees voted for the evaluation of a "Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen" (unconditional basic income) as a replacement for the current social welfare system. The proposition stipulates the necessity to set up a national committee to evaluate the technical and financial possibilities and limits, as well as public-opinion prior to any changes. The same proposition also demands a basic wage as a transitionary measurement. Moreover, the Pirate Party calls for a change in the regulations for unemployment aid. The benefits are to be increased; the lower limit should reflect the EU definition of poverty. Benefits should never fall short of that limit even in the case of sanctions or cuts. The limits for additional earnings should be raised as well; applications for social welfare should be handled less bureaucraticly. Less personal data should be compiled.

With regard to economic policy, the Pirate Party demands an end to the compulsory membership in the public chamber of commerce and associations for companies except for lawyers, notaries and medical associations. Temporary employment / subcontracted work will be limited to six months. Contracts between the government and contractors may not be kept confidential but become public record.

The Pirate Party is giving itself a more rigorous financial codex. When receiving donations of more than 1.000€, it will publish the contributer's name, the amount and if given what it should be used for. There will be no restrictions from donations received from wills.

The motion was approved by the convention to include in the party's position it being against right-wing politics; moreover the proposals "Gemeinsam gegen Rassismus" (Together against extremism) and "Immigration bereichert die Gesellschaft" (Immigration enriches society) were added to the party program. This means an assertive statement against the far right and right-wing populists.

In social politics, the Pirate Party reaffirms its position of the separation of government and religion. The government is not permitted to show preference for or precedence to any religion or church or religious organisation.

The prohibition of drugs shall be ceased. Instead of continuing the ineffective prohibition drug policy of the past decades, we want to introduce addiction policies which focus on addiction prevention, legalize drugs, decrease crime and criminal penalties.

In a position paper, the Pirate Party affirms its support for a united Europe. The European Financial Recovery Agreement (ESM) is heavily criticised for lacking democratic legitimation.

As we already claimed in our election platform in Berlin, the demand for a local public transport without tickets is shared by Pirates all over Germany in a position paper.

The program resolution regarding the copyright law plans a reasonable and appropriate reformation. The resolution is based on Daniel Neumann's paper. The Pirate Party supports a free and public access to content, produced with public funds.

Preparation for the federal election 2013: The old election platform will be closed and a new program developed, including all that has been decided at the convention. Next year another conference will be organised, to continue the development of our party platform.

The Pirate Party of Russia, which was not allowed to appear on the ballots for the recent elections there, sent Lola Veronina who held a remarkable speech. A transscript of that speech can also be found in this blog.

(This text is based on a German text by Piratenpartei Hannover.)

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